Junior Astronomers "Dead Nostalgia"
$8.00 - $13.00

  • Junior Astronomers

Junior Astronomers "Dead Nostalgia"
$8.00 - $13.00


Junior Astronomers is a four-piece rock & roll band formed in their hometown, Charlotte, North Carolina. A quartet bound to the loud and impulsive. Gritty and Jangled on some occasions, then a joyous release bordering on celebration on others.

Track Listing

  1. Before Crimes
  2. Touching War
  3. Gimmicks
  4. Lisalla
  5. Blood In Her Brain
  6. Vibrator
  7. Neighbors
  8. Worrisome
  9. Retrofit
  10. Little Sister, Little Dog
  11. Dead Nostalgia
  12. GIV'ER

Pressing Information

100 Light Gray Marble
200 Clear w/ Black Smoke
200 Orange & White Marble Swirl

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